Owning an historic building can become even more rewarding as you learn more about the culture and world in which it was built and used. Below are a few of our favorite books that tell us about 19th century architectural history and material culture in the United States:

  • David Handlin, The American Home: Architecture and Society 1815 – 1915.
  • Allen G. Noble, Wood, Brick, & Stone: The North American Settlement Landscape.
  • Lee Perry, The Preservationists Guide to technological change and the American home 1600-1900.
  • Virginia McAlester, A Field Guide to American Houses.
  • David Freeman Hawke, Everyday Life in Early America.
  • Jack Larking, The Reshaping of Everyday Life 1790-1840.
  • Alexander Jackson Downing, The Architecture of Country Houses.
  • Thomas Schlereth, Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life 1876-1915.
  • Henry Glassie, Pattern in the Material Folk Culture of the Eastern United States.


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